doodle from stream. Need to improve my vehicles.

Characters from Kelly Kao's Westbound Samurai. Hope you like!

Final colors for life-take's character Leah. Hope you like!

Finishing up a picture for a friend.

Doodled this girl - looks like she was wearing the thief’s outfit from shadows over mystara. haha, let’s just say she was cosplaying.

sig-e Asked
QuestionDo you do commissions? (I am interested in having one done) Answer

Sorry, I’m not currently taking commissions. I’ll let everyone know when I am.

some doodles. some doodles. some doodles.

some doodles.


And 1st trailer of The Dam Keeper independent short-film by Pixar artists Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo. Wonderful.

A friend of mine worked on this! So I will plug it.

a couple of doodles I worked on last night.

view full size here

Makoto from Street fighter. A bit messy.